Puppy Love

Getting a dog has been one of the most wonderful decisions that I have made in all my years. August is a mix between a Jack Russel and an Australian Shepherd. He is a wonderful addition to my life and brings me so much joy. Dogs are great for mental health, physical activity and overall happiness.

This photo was shot with an Instax Fujifilm camera. Get yours here.


Who We Were

I’m proud of you because you used to cry so much and you still do

You dance in the pieces of glass when they shatter on the floor 

One time I walked into the room and you were tying paper wings to your back and I swear that I saw you in the sky that night

You told me that the chains of people’s expectations always left marks on your ankles and when I saw you without them one day I wasn’t surprised

The day that I asked you for advice you said I already had everything that I needed

And that every place I didn’t see beauty to look again

So I looked and saw the ocean


You throw stones at yourself while you point your finger at something else

But it’s you that’s throwing them baby

And I know that because the same rocks that you’re throwing at you were the rocks that I was throwing at me

But they hurt too bad so I stopped and anybody who looks can see the scars if they look long enough

Honesty is so scary

Being scared is part of being free

But we would rather walk around in somebody else’s shoes than look in the mirror

whenever you get the chance…

This is a new day where we will find all of the old things that we didn’t put to rest

Our souls, active with a melody bitter-sweet, fly in spirals around all of the things that could have been

There’s a picture of me and you in a place that never existed, oh how my mind likes to tell stories

Can you tell me a story?

About me and you

Where we can slay a dragon and make it to the end together

The difference between stories and real life is that in real life we are the dragons

And in real life we’ll never see the end until we’re there

They say you should never regret something that you once wanted, but are you allowed to want something that they told you you’d forever regret

Remember me

Remember me at 3 a.m. when the shadows play with the way my name sounds on their lips

Remember me when the person you try to hide gets loud again

Remember me when all of the other faces around you start to look the same

I’ll remember you

I’ll remember you when my heart is caught at another dead end

I’ll remember you when I’m a ghost trying to find something that makes me feel as alive as you did

I’ll remember you when I can’t remember anything else

Until we meet again…

I couldn’t take it back…

A smile uses no words but takes you farther than any of them can

Sometimes we need to be held when we cry, when nobody is around the atmosphere will do just fine

Let me reassure you that the beauty of your soul is well noticed

And that all the things that you can’t live without, can’t live without you either

I think sometimes when you yell, you’ll end up regretting it and so you may want to remember that

The words that you won’t hear today are the ones that will echo in your soul tomorrow

I don’t know many things but can I tell you this? You are the most important part of everything, and you need to know that because it is true.

Everlasting life.

We water a rosebush

To steal all the roses

And then watch them die

For our pleasure and enjoyment

To make our eyes happy

We even feed them a little as they’re dying

To prolong their death

But they’re dying

I’m pretty sure we do this to people too

Yes we do this to people too

But maybe we should let the roses live

And love them while they are alive

And beautiful

Not when they’re dead

Not after we’ve used up all their life

I think we should do this to people too

Yes we should do this to people too

I thought I’d never see the day.

You age so well

Such a beautiful mess

Do you remember the last time you let your hair loose and drifted into the wind

Now is never your forever

Fearing the transience is like not wanting to get up in the morning

It happens so often when will we learn that another day always follows until there are no more left

Let us sing

It takes a long time to love the song in yourself

But if you don’t find that peace will you ever love the song in someone else

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for all the times I was somewhere else when I should have been right there with you

We never want to be anywhere we are until we can’t be there anymore

Thank you for the times when you almost ran out of breath and still found a way to split them in half with me

If you don’t forgive the ones you love you’ll have nothing left and that is how you die

Books are better than magic, they’re love.

I remember when all I had were my books

And all I wanted was a friend who understood

But they were friends and they did understand

And when I got a little sad they helped me through

Sometimes causing even more pain because they would show me the truth that was inside of me the whole time

Sometimes the truth hurts

But at the end it saves

I remember crying through the toughest chapters and telling myself it was only a story except I knew for somebody out there it was a piece of their reality which brought tears to my eyes once again because I too felt the same way

It’s funny how everything that we leave behind tells a version of the truth to anybody who is willing to listen

Sometimes the pain inside comes forth as violence or negative energy

But sometimes

Sometimes we are able to shift it into a beautiful untouchable undeniable creation that stands as a trophy of what couldn’t steal your joy..what tried to but couldn’t take your love..and also a beacon of hope to those who are looking

When we write we love

When we write we save

When we write we tell the truth


I yearn for all those things that’ll never happen again

Am I afraid?

I cheer myself on because when I didn’t I almost lost…so then I started and now I’m not as far behind

New dreams hatch in my life and I try to make room for them

But can I bear to put my efforts into something that lasts when my heart wants me to go somewhere else

It was a long time ago when I gave up on pretending

That’ll never be the way that I go

People say I’m different but I try to explain that I’m just unlocked

I lived blinded until I learned that seeing wasn’t all that bad only sometimes

I’m used to it all now

And I’d take a solemn truth over a pretty lie any day